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We want to read your stories. We want your stories to be read.

Out of Print is an online platform for short fiction with a connection to the Indian subcontinent. It is published quarterly and features work in English, or translated into English. The first issue of the magazine was released in September 2010.


A list of contributors to Out of Print is featured on our attendant blog and includes a range of writers, from the famous to the well established to those publishing for the first time. A number of writers who published in Out of Print have gone on to extremely successful publishing careers with work from the magazine featuring in their books.


In 2010 we wrote, ‘Traditions of storytelling layer our collective contemporary voice. Send us your stories and we’ll send them to the world.’ That still holds, and we look forward to receiving your submissions.


Founding Editor:

Indira Chandrasekhar: Indira Chandrasekhar started writing fiction with an increasing focus on the short story upon returning to India after more than seventeen years abroad. She has a PhD in Biophysics and, prior to committing to fiction writing, studied the dynamics of biological membranes at research institutes in India, the United States and Switzerland. Links to her published work are available on her blog. She co-edited the anthology Pangea, Thames River Press, 2012. A collection of her short stories Polymorphism was published by HarperCollins in 2017.



Ram Sadasiv: Ram Sadasiv is a writer and musician who lives in Washington, DC. You can follow his blog at angarai.blogspot.com.



Vandana Devi: Vandana Devi is a twenty-year-old from Kerala currently living in Chennai, India where she is in her second year of college. She likes writing because she’s no good at the talking business. You can find her work on wheneverhoweverwhatever.blogspot.in.


Former Editors:

Samhita Arni: Samhita Arni was involved in the conceptualisation of Out of Print and served as editor till 2013 when she moved to Afghanistan. A writer of note, an excerpt from her The Missing Queen, Penguin (Viking)/Zubaan 2013 was featured in June 2011. She returned to edit the March 2015 release of the magazine that she suggested should focus on sexual and gender violence. The issue was co-edited with Meena Kandasamy and Out of Print’s Indira Chandrasekhar. Her website, samarni.com.

Mira Brunner: Mira Brunner was involved in the conceptualisation and design of Out of Print and served as editor till 2013. An artist, she has contributed two images to Out of Print, the first ‘Kya’ a commentary on censorship in March 2012 and the second, ‘Cosmogram 4’ that was commissioned for the March 2014 edition.

Leela Levitt: Leela Levitt started interning with Out of Print in August 2013 and contributed to the September release of the magazine. She joined as editor soon thereafter, and worked with Out of Print from the December 2013 issue. We wish her luck as she departs on new ventures.


Guest Editors:

Meena Kandasamy: Poet, writer, translator and activist, Meena Kandasamy worked with Samhita Arni and Indira Chandrasekhar on the powerful and significant March 2015 issue. More on her writing, publications, and interviews at kanadasamy.co.uk.

Annie Zaidi: Writer and filmmaker, Annie Zaidi worked with Indira Chandrasekhar on the edition of Out of Print devoted to translations of Urdu short stories into English. She is the author of Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales; a collection of reportage and memoir-based essays, Gulab; a novella; and Love Stories # 1-14, a collection of short stories. Her short stories have appeared in Out of Print. She is also the co-author of The Good Indian Girl, an interlaced set of narratives about young women's lives and liberties and edited Unbound: 2,000 Years of Indian Women's Writing and Equal Halves. Details about her work and publications may be found at anniezaidi.com.