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Out of Print provides an online platform for writers of short fiction with a connection to the subcontinent. Traditions of story-telling layer our collective contemporary voice. Send us your stories and we’ll send them to the world.


Founding Editor:

Indira Chandrasekhar: Indira Chandrasekhar started writing fiction with an increasing focus on the short story upon returning to India after more than 17 years abroad. She has a PhD in Biophysics and prior to committing to fiction writing she studied the dynamics of biological membranes at research institutes in India, the United States and Switzerland. Among other places, her work appears in Far Enough East, rkvry, Emprise Review, Eclectica Magazine, The Little Magazine and in the short story anthologies Vanilla Desires, Unisun Publications, 2010, in whose annual competition she received recognition and Pangea: An Anthology of Stories from Around the Globe,Thames River Press, 2012 that she coedited. Her stories have won awards and been shortlisted, most notably in the Mslexia short story competitions 2010, 2012. Links to her published work are available on her blog.



Samhita Arni: Samhita Arni was born in Madras, India, in 1984. As the daughter of a diplomat she grew up in India, Indonesia, Italy, Pakistan and Thailand. She is the author and illustrator of The Mahabharata - A Child's View, Tara Books, 1996, which has since been translated and published in  German, Italian, French, Portugese, Spanish, Catalan and Greek. Samhita obtained a scholarship to study at the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy, and went on to study Film and Religion at Mount Holyoke College, USA. She has worked as an assistant director, a magazine editor and as a scriptwriter, a freelance writer and has collaborated with Locarno Award winning filmmaker Sabiha Sumar (Khamosh Pani) on the script for her feature film. Sita's Ramayana,Tara Books, 2012, a graphic novel, was developed in collaboration with Patua Artist Moyna Chitrakar and spent two weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List for Graphic Novels. Her latest book, a speculative fiction feminist thriller is The Missing Queen, Penguin Viking/Zubaan Books, 2013. Links to her short stories are available on her website. Samhita Arni is on a hiatus from Out of Print.

Leela Levitt: Leela Levitt was awarded her degree from University College London where she read Linguistics. Through this, she has worked on scientific texts and peer reviewed for Language Under Discussion, a scientific journal. She was born in Sweden and currently lives in London, although she has family in India and has travelled there frequently.

Ram Sadasiv: Ram Sadasiv is a writer and musician who lives in Washington, DC. You can follow his blog at angarai.blogspot.in.